Pop Icon Co-Stars are Sweeter than Revenge

“Revenge is Sweet,” originally aired November 21, 1992.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Synopsis: Men in tuxedos swordfighting on a rooptop.  Good enough for me.  This is one episode I don’t really remember at all, so let’s see how it is!  OH, classic Immortal-falling-into-a-body of water trope starts off the episode, so we know he’s [Reinhardt] still alive.  Years later in Seacouver, a sassy sword-expert beats up a man harassing her on the way to the antique store.  She wants to buy an antique sword to fence with, and I appreciate her utilitarianism.  Tessa feels a little threatened by this other awesome woman, but she has art to do and Richie to mother hen.  The sassy swordswoman is clearly not Immortal (Duncan would have noticed the Buzzing), but…what is her deal other than being a boss?  I guess she wants revenge for the guy MacLeod fought on the rooftop (although I didn’t think he was dead).

Meanwhile, DUNCAN’S OLD COMPUTER.  Oh, the ’90s.  This is research then.

While the team tries to figure out the lady, someone died and someone is generally messing with MacLeod’s life, including graffiti on Tessa’s art:(  Tessa thinks it’s swordswoman, MacLeod thinks it’s the Immortal, and she is getting pretty pissed off at his interpretation of events.  But they do make up because they are both deeply attractive and madly in love with each other.  Then the swordswoman has a training montage in a terrible 90s outfit.  AND THEN SHE OR REINHARDT GAVE TESSA A BURNING CLOAK.  THIS TOTALLY JUST BECAME MEDEA.  WHAT.  I LOVE THIS SHOW.  But while Tessa is getting attacked by a chemical burn (but seeming pretty healthy for all that), Richie is getting kidnapped from his job as a car salesman (and this is why Richie shouldn’t have a real job).  Reinhardt is manipulating everyone somehow for some reason, but the point is that he’s a jerk and MacLeod kills him.  And I think we’ll see the garden they fight in in a later episode.  ~Who Wants To Live Forever~  This episode really tried to get our emotions.  Did it succeed?  …eh.

Favorite Quotes:

Tessa: “Duncan, it’s wonderful the way you love women.  But this isn’t about women.  It’s about evil.  And that’s something men have no monopoly on.”

Reinhardt: “Your scruples and boring sentimentality were always your weakest trait.” <- Sums up MacLeod 100%


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