Girl, You Have No Faith in Deadly Medicine

“Deadly Medicine,” originally aired November 7, 1992.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Synopsis: GROCERIES TROPE!  I like keeping track of how many groceries get injured in the making of Highlander.  The poor hospital workers, though.  Anyway.  MacLeod gets hit by a hit-and-run driver and taken to the ER in critical condition.  Obviously, MacLeod recovers and sneaks himself out.  But the doctor [Dr. Wilder] gets curious (understandably) and stalks MacLeod (less understandably) and then locks him up in his basement (uhhh).  Meanwhile, the intrepid season 1 reporter [Randi] is trying to be an investigative reporter (good for her) and Tessa is getting worried that her immortal boyfriend might have been beheaded.  Meanwhile we learn that Dr. Wilder apparently has a habit of kidnapping and experimenting on patients in his basement, which I’m pretty sure is a violation of all sorts of medical oaths, but he’s never worked on an Immortal before.  So big research paper coming out of this.  Our two investigatory units put the pressure on the system, while the POOR NURSE WHO IS IN LOVE WITH PSYCHOPATH DOCTOR WILDER KEEPS TRYING TO GET HIM TO GO OUT WITH HER.  Oh, honey.  You can do better.  But then she gets killed:(  Seriously what:(  This doctor is the worst:(  Duncan gets wanted for her murder, but Tessa and this random art expert friend I wish was in more episodes figure out the truth.  Tessa and Duncan save Randi from evil Dr. Wilder, and the end.

There’s a run of season 1 episodes I never watch, and this is the beginning of them.  Get over these terrible episodes, show, get to Paris.  You’ll feel better.

Favorite Quotes:

Art Friend on MacLeod: “I forgot, he doesn’t have a sense of humor.”


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