Bad Day at Black Rock. I mean, Building A

“Bad Day in Building A,” originally aired October 24, 1992Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!

Synopsis: For some reason, this is a family favorite episode.  I don’t know if that’s because it’s a classic homage episode to “Bad Day at Black Rock” (a film I’ve never seen, but I’ve seen this version AND The A-Team version, so clearly I’m an expert), or my family just enjoys swift and brutal justice /tmi.  This week in Highlander, Tessa owes about 1000 parking tickets, so the gang goes down to the courthouse to appeal.  Unfortunately, that day local boss/terrorist/something Slade is being sentenced (Seacouver is very unsafe).  Slade turns the table and holds the court hostage (including the heroic gang).  MacLeod is killed as proof they’re serious, which allows MacLeod to kill them all.  Hooray?  I’m pretty sure this is why my dad likes it, though.  MacLeod is judge, jury, and executioner here, and this is about the darkest Mr. Perfect has been.  That’s certainly a question that is going to get more attention later–since they’re Immortals, do they have any right to lord it over the rest of us?  In the movie it’s pretty clear that bad Immortals would be terrible for humanity, and good Immortals winning the Game would be good for humanity.  No choice for humanity in this.  HMM I wonder if we’ll ever see humans being concerned about this HMM HMM HMM.  As with the superhero stories popular today, I’m pretty uncomfortable with taking the law into his own hands BUT he was protecting innocent civilians.  It’s all about how we define justice (I say after having read Thucydides with my students.  Quandaries!)

Randomly, the little girl looks like a younger version of my grad school roommate.  Hehehe.

Favorite Quotes:

Tessa: “Do you think I give a damn what you admire?”

Until next time!  Be well!


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