Holy Random Frost Allusion, Batman

“The Road Not Taken,” originally aired October 17, 1992.  Nostalgia and spoilers within.

Hello, friends!

Synopsis: When one of Richie’s friends dies (:(), MacLeod recognizes that some of the symptoms are from a drug made by his old frienemy(?) Kiem Sun.  As per usual, MacLeod and Richie investigate the murder–Tessa’s out of town for an art show, sadness.  Richie teams up with another friend from the old neighborhood, Angie, and MacLeod montages through Seacouver.  I prefer the montages of MacLeod working out, because I am shallow.  ANYWAY.  MacLeod teams up with Kiem Sun as everyone tries to find Chu Lin, who had stolen the drug to use ~for reasons~.  Unfortunately, Richie finds him first–unfortunate, because, bless Richie, but he’s not useful in a fight right now.  MacLeod and Kiem Sun arrive before anything too terrible happens.  But then Kiem Sun turns the tables and reveals that he wants MacLeod’s head.  ET TU, KIEM SUN?  MacLeod lets him live THIS TIME and everything ends more or less okay for everyone except for the people who died in the making of the drug.

This episode totally has the best fight scene in the series so far.  There are some actual acrobatics in the big fight at the end, and although the jump over the pile of tires might look a little ridiculous (I wish this show came out in the age of gifs so I could visually reference more stuff), there is real energy.  Watch it, you’ll know exactly what moment I’m talking about.

But what’s going on with the title?  Seriously?  Okay, most audience members know the Frost poem “The Road Not Taken,” but…is it Richie’s life since he’s reconnecting with people he abandoned for Tessa and MacLeod (right path).  Is it Kiem Sun who…could have chosen not to work on this drug for several centuries and that made him scared?  That’s…sort of relevant to the poem, I guess?  Or maybe it’s Tessa who took the right road to get out to Paris for this episode.  The choice is in your hands, you, the viewers!

Favorite Quotes:

MacLeod: “Men achieve greatness when they have freedom.  Freedom to fail if necessary, but freedom.”

MacLeod: “No Immortal’s ever 100% good or bad.  We run the spectrum just like you.”

Random Biker: “What the hell is this anyway?  I hate tea!” <- 100% CLASSY.

Kiem Sun: “You won’t, MacLeod.  Your pride won’t let you break your word.” <- MacLeod’s problem for most of the show.

See you next time!  Be well!


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